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Brexit: Political Upside Imperative

There has been widespread indoctrination to disbelieve that 1) the quality of life for people across the globe is as high as ever, and 2) it has become that way because of the past adoption…

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EU Split Could Help Optical Space

Despite all of the unnecessary commotion and unjustified delirium of panic resulting from the Brexit referendum, we hope that it will lead to the dismantlement of the entire European Union, which we assert could bolster…

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Google Hoisted by Its Own Petard

As Alphabet’s Google delights in the decision by the three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia upholding the FCC’s ridiculous net neutrality rules involving the Title II reclassification, the…

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Ciena as Chameleon

A principal, overriding theme of our past blog posts focusing on Ciena is that it has not maintained a consistent vision for its future. We believe that historically, it has had a penchant for readily…

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Acacia IPO Update: Still Pursuing Encore

In January, we first discussed Acacia Communications, which filed for its IPO confidentially in August of last year, and then rather quietly, but publicly, notified the SEC towards the end of December of last year…

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Infinera’s Last Ditch: Infinity and Beyond

With the full realization by industry analysts, some of whom initially drank the Kool-Aid, that the potential for Infinera significantly penetrating the metro optical market will not be a pushover, the supplier’s frantic gambit is…

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Lumentum: Be Careful What You Wish For

Who could blame Lumentum Holdings for finding it desirable to move upstream in offering something close to full optical systems in order to generate higher margins? In some respects, the time to do so is…

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100G Transceivers Below $3/Gig by 2017?

When giant data center owners started promoting $1 per gigabit transport a while back, the idea seemed ludicrous. Well, at least for optical transceivers, pricing has reached a point in which that goal is actually…

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AIM Photonics Will Miss Target (Part I)

At “The Workshop on Integrated Photonics High Volume Packaging” that took place in Anaheim the week of OFC 2016, Thomas L. Koch, the Dean at the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona…

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Microsoft’s Enduring Google Envy

Quite a few articles have been written over time about the jealousy suffered by Microsoft over Alphabet’s Google, but they have not really addressed that the same dynamic exists in the optics realm. One cannot…

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AT&T’s “Open ROADM”: More Skepticism

In defiance of AT&T’s uniquely leviathan network involving layers of infrastructure built over many years, the service provider continues to promote further leading-edge concepts that would ostensibly change the fundamental nature of its cost structure…

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Optics’ Elephant in Room: Global Economy

We have discussed in the past how macroeconomic conditions are often ignored in assessing the future prospects for the telecom/datacom optical market, such as the devastating effects of net neutrality actions across the globe. Occasionally,…

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Silicon Photonics’ Shift: Still Cost/Loss Issues

The lead article in the September 1969 issue of the Bell System Technical Journal was written by Stewart E. Miller, entitled “Integrated Optics: An Introduction,” which framed “a proposal for a miniature laser beam circuitry”…

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Google’s Fiber: Laugh All the Way to Bank

The contest by Alphabet’s Google itself among the cities in 2010 was a brilliant stroke of genius in that it cost the company practically nothing, but it led to municipalities (munis) starting to contemplate building…

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Verizon Comes to Senses With XO Fiber

Late in 2015, Verizon was apparently considering a terribly reckless action involving ridding itself of its invaluable enterprise properties. The purchase of XO’s assets definitely indicates a reversal in this line of thinking. Nevertheless, the…

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SDN Crack-Up?

About a half of a decade after the announcement of the establishment of the Open Networking Foundation, a recent survey of over 3,000 customers internationally by F5 Networks, indicated that just 3 percent of respondents…

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Calix’s CEO Still at Top of His Game

Over the last 15 years or so, a lot of great executive talent has left the telecom/datacom optical space either because they made a killing during the bubble, it became time for them to retire,…

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Ciena’s New Obsession with Vertical Integration

Ciena’s purchase of several assets from TeraXion represents the first time that the system player has acquired just components as opposed to full systems from an outside vendor, symbolizing an evolving shift in philosophy over…

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Juniper’s Impulsive BTI Acquisition

Regardless of a news report of a very low purchase price for BTI Systems, and despite Juniper Networks’ contention about the acquisition “not [being] a new strategy,” the move is actually a watershed moment for…

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Nokia/AlcaLu Optical: Mixed Bag at Best

While an alternate universe continues to exist regarding discussion over radical changes and transformations occurring in the datacom/telecom realm, the number of genuinely major new fiber optic projects in 2016, may easily be few and…

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Infinera’s PIC Challenge

Although Infinera has always touted its unique Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology as a major differentiator in the optical systems market, any advantages to this approach in the past have perhaps been totally countered by…

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Acacia Communications IPO: A Compelling Story?

The optical industry was standing by for Acacia Communications’ S-1 for a lengthy amount of time, and there had been some recent conjecturing that it may not happen at all. The stakes were clearly high…

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