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Clash of technologies: NRZ vs PAM4 Signaling, September, 2016, view article

Future of VCSELs in Data Centers — Healthy Market Indefinitely, OFC 2015, view presentation

Moderator for What’s New in Integrated Photonics Technologies,? OFC 2015, view article

Speaker at Rump Session, “Is it ‘Game Over’ for Hardware,?” OFC 2015

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Mark questions 2015 Executive Forum Keynote Presenter starting with density and ending with security (Part 2 19:30-25:40), OFC 2015, view video

Transitioning to Photonic Integrated Circuits, 4/9/14 view article

Data Center Interconnection: Outlook for 100G DWDM Pizza Boxes, 02/13/14 view article

DWDM Vendors Could Leapfrog MPLS for SDN, 1/16/14 view article

COGO Optronics at OFC/NFOEC 2012 view article

Workshop on Optical Startups – 10 Years After the Bubble at OFC/NFOEC 2012 view article

Window for 40-Gbps deployment still open, say panelists 7/15/11, view article

Impact of ILECs on FTTH, FTTH Council Quarterly Meeting, 06/15/06

40 Gbps: Overcoming the Challenges of Technology and Economics, OptiComm 2003, 10/15/03, view article

Many metro vendors still don’t get it, 5/1/03, view article

“Keys to Success in the US Metro Optical Systems Market,” June 2002, Business Briefing: Global Optical Communications by World Markets Research Centre

All-Optical Smackdown in Secaucus, 1/15/02, view article

“Service Providers Must Combine the Old and New in Optical Networks,” July 2001, Business Briefing: Global Optical Communications by World Markets Research Centre

Service providers to stress evolution over revolution, 2/16/01, Fiber Optics Online

2001—ACT Conferences’ All-Optical Networks 2001 conference, February 6-8, 2000, view article

Passive Optical Networks in Action — Emerging PON technology is a back door for smaller customers to get the optical network access they need, 11/1/00, view article

Makers of Gigabit Ethernet transceivers find the market only gets tougher, 8/11/00, view article

The market realities of metropolitan optical networks, 7/1/00, view article

Persevering Asynchronous Market Offers Realistic Perspective on Chaotic Industry, 4/24/00, view article

Despite Robust Optical Networking Market, Performance Monitor Opportunity May Lag, 1/20/00, Fiber Optics Online.

Metro DWDM Rhetoric Fails to Win Contracts, 8/24/99, view article

The advent of WDM and the all-optical network: A reality check, 7/1/98, view article

New System Technology Meets The Need For Ever Increasing Communication Capacity, May, 1998, Carolina Business

Onward Transmission, October 1995, Communications International

Sonet equipment market looms large on the horizon, 6/1/95, view article

CATV providers: Can they succeed with business users,? June 1995, view article

Two suppliers merit watching in US Sonet market, November 1992, Lightwave

The market for SMDS: direction an potential, January 1991, Communications International

What, When and How,? 2/15/90, Telephone Engineer & Management


The Two Principals in the News

Acacia: A Company That Will Need To Be Resistant To The Ire Of Investors, 9/27/16, view article

Maynard firm cashes in on internet infrastructure boom, 9/12/16, view article

Infinera: Don’t Sweat Metro Stuff, Says Jefferies; Transmode on Track, 5/31/16, view article

Can money be made with SDN,? 3/3/16, view article

The case for silicon photonics, Q3, 2015, view article

100G Replacing 10G Optical Transport in Metropolitan Networks, 8/21/15, view article

Silicon photonics: “The excitement has gone,” 8/12/15, view article

Woodside Capital Partners Advises COGO Optronics Inc. Canadian Subsidiary on Acquisition by TeraXion Inc., 4/24/13, view article

TeraXion Announces The Acquisition OF COGO Optronics Inc Canadian Subsidiary, 03/06/13, view article

OpenFlow extends its control to the optical layer, 6/28/12, view article

GalayOr appoints Dr. Alka Swanson and Prof. Alan Willner to its Advisory Board, 9/24/11

Almost $4 billion worldwide OTN cross-connect opportunity for decade, according to Telecom Pragmatics, 2/23/11 view article

Juniper Amasses 100G Optical Team, 10/5/2010, view article

Cisco Acquires CoreOptics, 9/30/10 view article

Near-Field Communications: Playing tag, 9/7/10, view article

Calix updates plans for IPO, 3/17/10, view article

Ciena Shares Soar on Nokia Rumor, 01/05/10, view article

Calix plans $100 million IPO, 11/23/09, view article

Updated: Qwest CTO: Optical costs are ‘storm clouds on the horizon, 11/2/09, Connected Planet

Big properties tune in – Verizon in the MDU market, 10/28/09, view article

‘In Hawaii, echoes of FairPoint,’ 09/20/09, view article

Debating 40G and 100G economics, 9/14/09, view article

Startup Makes Debut: Cyan shooting for stars, 9/5/09, view article

Hearing on telecom bid today, 7/1/09, view article

Tech Rumor of the Day: Apple, 06/10/09, view article

Ofidium Tackles 100Gig, 03/04/09, view article

40G’s short life begins, 12/22/08, view article

Bankruptcy won’t fix all of Hawaiian Telcom’s troubles,12/8/08, view article

HawTel’s efforts to compete hindered by rising debt load,12/2/08, view article

Hawaiian Telcom bankruptcy rare among traditional telcoms, 12/01/2008 view article

Australia invests in a multibillion-dollar national broadband network, 11/01/08 view article

Cisco’s new home network, 9/24/08, view article

Should Infinera Go Metro? 11/21/07, view article

Windstream finds rural tech niche, 4/30/2007, view article

Cisco Shows Some Optical Love, 3/21/07, view article

Whatever you call them, monitors measuring up, 2/1/07, view article

Telecom Firm Ciena Returns to Profit 12/15/06, The Washington Post

Infrared cameras vie for multispectral applications, 10/01/06, view article

Study: FTTB is key for Verizon, 3/16/06, view article

Infinera courts rumors, 11/24/05, view article

Chasing telecom’s ‘Holy Grail,’ 07/15/05, IndUS Business Journal

The 10 Coolest Companies of 2005, 06/01/05, view article

Battle for MCI Heads to the Wire, 3/11/05, view article

Level 3 Weighs Its Options, 2/25/05, view article

Infinera Goes Live, 1/31/05, view article

Cogent Locks Onto Security Wave, 12/20/04, view article

Verizon’s Sprint Bid Faces Hurdles, 12/14/04, view article

Vendors Cry for Help in Tough M&A Market, 9/27/04, view article

Aelis Takes Alka Swanson, 2/10/04, view article

PLI Adds R&D, Operations Execs, 1/13/04, view article

The road to ROADM: smooth or full of potholes? The economic downturn faired to tarnish the attractiveness of ROADMs, but deploying them in today’s recovering market is the subject of ongoing debate, 1/1/04, view article

Technology spending growth takes baby steps, 12/15/03, view article

Siemens Has Hopes at AT&T, 11/20/03, view article

Fiber Goes Deep But DSL Finishes The Job, 11/1/03, view article

Metro DWDM, 9/23/03, view article

Calient Shuffles to Subsystems, 9/3/03, view article

Corvis Solo in Bake-Off Boast, 7/30/03, view article

Zhone, Tellium merge, 7/28/03, Connected Planet

Zhone Cashes In on Tellium, 7/28/03, view article

GalayOr to develop optic components with JDS Uniphase, 6/22/03, view article

Metro DWDM Renaissance?, 6/16/03, view article

Wavelengths Spread Apart, Vendors Packed Together, 5/26/03, view article

GalayOr Appoints Advisors, 5/14/03, view article

A Dimmer Year for Equipment Vendors, 5/12/03, view article

Ceyba Rattling in Ottawa, 5/9/03, view article

Headcount: Viva la Cinco de Mayo!, 5/5/03, view article

Corvis found to infringe 2nd patent of Ciena, 4/29/03, view article

Tellabs Invests in White Rock, 3/24/03, view article

AT&T DWDM Hope Dwindles, 3/17/03 view article

Return to glory? Ciena has a plan, 3/16/03, view article

What’s Cookin’ at Core Startups?, 3/13/03, view article

Nortel Beefs Up Long-Haul DWDM, 3/12/03, view article

Long-haul market ‘less bad’ in 2003, say industry analysts markets, 3/1/03, view article

Corvis, C III teaming up to buy unit of Broadwing, 2/26/03 view article

Something for Everyone to Hate in FCC Vote, 2/20/03, view article

Report Disses Metro Core Marketing, 2/7/03, view article

Ciena Narrows Loss, Boosting Hopes, Shares; Maryland Telecom Firm Sees an End to Decline, 12/13/02, view article

Ciena envisions upturn in revenue, 12/13/02, view article

Ciena Comes Under Fire Over Management Focus, 12/6/02, view article

Evolution, not revolution: cautious innovation: paradox or smart business model,? 12/1/02, view article

Frowning at 40G: a new rallying cry for OC-768 is met with entrenched skepticism, 11/15/02, view article

Cisco expected to pop optical switch, 11/13/02, view article

A tall man tackles tall order at Corvis, 9/29/02, view article

Telecom spending may rise in ’03, 9/23/02, view article

Ciena lays off about 450 in earnings push, 9/21/02, view article

Jim Duffy: No consensus emerging around optical long-haul market, 9/19/02, view article

Nortel Goes Gig-E With OPTera DX, 9/16/02, view article

Cisco Sees the Light in Optical — Again, 9/12/02, view article

The big chill: when will carriers be ready for long-haul optical,? 8/1/02, view article

Corvis cuts losses as revenue falls, 7/26/02, view article

Sonus signs multimillion-dollar DT deal, 7/22/02, view article

Advisers feel pain of no gain, 7/15/02, view article

WorldCom Will Ripple Through Chips in Different Ways, 7/4/02, view article

Light Reading Targeted in T-Shirt Theft, 7/8/02, view article

Sprint Deploys CoreDirector for International Traffic, 7/1/02, view article

Corvis lays off another 70, 7% of telecom’s work force, 6/28/02, view article

Supercomm Gets Unstrung, 6/7/02, view article

Waiting for the Pickup; Corvis, Stalled by the Telecom Downturn, Looks for Road to Recovery, 5/20/02, The Washington Post

Fujitsu Bets on Shaky Metro With New DWDM Strategy, 5/13/02, view article

Fujitsu Delves Into Metro DWDM, 5/13/02, view article

Mounting Debts May Force Marconi to Seek Bailout, 4/1/02, view article

Telecom’s Economic Woes Create Leadership Skepticism, 3/4/02, view article

Debate persists over whether a fiber-optic cable glut exists, 3/3/02, view article

Analysts doubt new Nortel switch will revive sales, 2/27/02, view article

Nortel switch delayed for more ‘tweaking,’ 2/26/02, Calgary Herald

Key Nortel switch product delayed:`carriers weren’t too impressed,’ 2/25/02, The Canadian Press

Delays hit key Nortel product, 2/25/02, view article

Ciena Powers Up With ONI, 2/25/02, view article

Job 1 for Nortel: Get Through 2002, 2/21/02, view article

Ciena to buy Calif. Firm, 2/19/02, view article

Ciena Aquires Calif. Fiber Firm, 2/19/02, view article

Cisco, Ciena Earn Approval for AT&T’S Mesh Network, 2/18/02, view article

Ciena and ONI: Wedding of the Year?, 2/18/02, view article

Outlook Gets Grimmer for Optical Start-Ups, 2/18/02, view article

Turnaround for telecom? Well, maybe ; Wrung-out sector may be near bottom, facing consolidation; Ciena, Corvis preparing; `At some point we’re going to come out … roaring like a lion’ 2/17/02, view article

Corvis Loss Widens as Revenue Plunges; Telecommunications Sector’s Declining Fortunes Hit Columbia Fiber-Optic Firm, 2/8/02, view article

Tellabs Takes a New Tack, 2/7/02, view article

Ciena lays off 12% of workers; 2/6/02, view article

Lucent Lights Up LambdaUnite, 1/24/02, view article

Lucent lines up a major deal and may be ready for rebirth: Five-year, $1 billion contract in the works; 1/21/02, Investment News

Shaking off 2001’s malaise, 1/20/02, view article

Who Will Win Ethernet Wars,? 1/7/02, view article

Metro core optical transport equipment market to net $2.5 billion in 2005, 1/1/02, view article

Ciena Reports Quarterly Loss of 1.8 Billion; Company Expects More Red Ink in 2002, 12/14/01, The Washington Post

Photonics companies hang on in Howard despite tough market, 12/10/01, view article

In a Market Ripe for Buyers Cisco Says It’s Ready to Shop, 12/10/01, view article

A solid gain, December 2001, spie’s oemagazine

Why “Fair” Competition Fails in the Telephone Industry: The Case of Wavelength Services, 11/26/01, view article

Metro Underdogs Confront Bleak Reality, 11/12/01, view article

Telecom spending to fall in ’02, 10/28/01, view article

Efficiency Means Staying On-Net, 10/8/01, Connected Planet

Lightchip Launches DWDM Monitoring Subsystem, 9/17/01, view article

Downturn hits Euro vendors hard, 9/10/01, view article

Friendly Rivalry,  9/3/01, Connected Planet

Lucent clears a path, Cisco creates 11, 8/27/01, view article

AT&T steps in with orders to cushion loss of Verizon , 8/27/01, view article

New report provides insights into optical strategies of the two largest US ILECs, 8/23/01, view article

Who is that Masked Man, 8/20/01, the Net Economy

Ciena Shares Plunge 30 Percent On Earnings, Revenue Warning, 8/16/01, view article

Nortel loses second top exec since May, 7/16/01, Connected Planet

Sewers provide route for high-speed lines, 7/9/01, view article

Telecom ‘hangover’ could last through 2003, 7/8/01, view article

Telecom Networks Bells Will Battle For Their Fiber Dominant carriers struggle with regulators over how they must share networks, 6/15/01, view article

Patrick Nettles, 6/4/01, Connected Planet

Fiber optics: A light still shines…distantly, 6/4/01, view article

Seeing the PacketLight; Optical start-up promises efficient all-packet metro transport system, 5/21/01, view article

Nortel’s waffling continues, 5/21/01,  Connected Planet

Vendor financing’s dirty laundry; Winstar files $10 billion suit accusing Lucent of default, 4/23/01, view article

Will we ever hit the bottom? More financial revisions and job cuts plague equipment providers, 4/2/01, Connected Planet

Cisco Stages Optics Market Coup, 3/5/01/ view article

Ultralong-haul DWDM: The big tradeoff, 3/1/01, view article

Optical networking for the masses GiantLoop, MFN, Sphera shed light on the enterprise, Connected Planet, 2/26/01

Whale watching, 2/26/01, Connected Planet

Street hangs up on Ma Bell afterlong love affair, 1/22/01, view article

Battle of the vowels, 1/8/01, Connected Planet

New Jersey Governor Dedicates New JDS Uniphase Manufacturing Facilities, 12/19/00, view article

Ciena Throws Down Gauntlet With Technology Strategy, 11/14/00, Dow Jones News Service

Zaffire: ‘We’re not for Sale’, 12/13/00, view article

Innovative Akara seeks optical fortune: Promising technology: Annoucing today major US customer, “Storage Networks,” 12/11/00, National Post (Canada)

Reining in optical capacity, 12/11/00, view article

Cisco’s Chambers itchin’ to fight all comers: New, more aggressive style signals CEO’s desire to win, 11/27/00, Investment News

Exclusive Interview: CEO John Chambers reveals his plan to break away from the pack : Cisco’s endgame strategy, 11/20/00, view article

Lucent: Clean Break, Clean Slate?, 11/6/00, view article

Next Gen Carriers Cash In, 10/11/00, view article

Fujitsu Execs Flee, 10/9/00, view article

Lucent Gets a Shot in the Arm, 10/5/00, view article

Tellium Bids for $250 Million IPO, 9/22/00 view article

Component craze continues, 9/4/00, view article

Strength in diversity: Broadcom expands portfolio with $1.24 billion acquisition, 8/21/00, Connected Planet

Corvis Corp.‘s market cap rivals General Motors’ : Want a hot stock? Here’s one with no revenue, 8/14/00, Investment News

Corvis Doubles Price Range For Its IPO, 7/26/00, view article

Internet? Poo. It’s Fiber Optics That’s on Fire; D.C.‘s hottest field has soaring stocks, overworked staffs and pressure-cooker competition, 7/21/00, The Washington Post

Ericsson Cast-Off Starts to Shine, 7/21/00, view article

Vendors Ramp Up Fiber Production, 6/19/00, view article

Cyras: The Next Cerent?, 5/26/00, view article

One wavelength at a time, 5/8/00, Connected Planet

Alidian Networks targets large carriers with its multiservice wavelength packing technology, April, 2000, Network Magazine

Nortel Leads Optical Networking Band, 3/27/00, view article

Nortel Buys Xros In An All-Optical Bid, 3/20/00, view article

Ciena Rebounds From Earlier Snubbing, 3/6/00, view article

Top Trends OF 1999 Show Fiber Industry Growth, 1/3/00, view article

A physicist removes Internet roadblocks// Skirting switches, electronic gear and other such obstacles speeds data flow overfiber- optic lines, 1/3/00, Austin American-Statesman

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