Videoconferencing: The Elusive Business Application

Although it was 50 years ago that AT&T introduced the Picturephone at the World’s Fair, the company is still striving to “encourage the adoption of videoconferencing” at major corporations today. There has just not been a significant cultural shift in the business community to making deals without shaking hands in person. Yet, there are also…

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Finisar Getting a Raw Deal with Silicon Photonics

When it comes to technology development, some of the leading analysts in the financial community have a tendency to blindly follow a template of conventional wisdom. One of the most egregious examples was during the bubble when there was the widespread notion that the need for bandwidth could not be satiated, and service providers were…

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Silicon Photonics: Widespread Usage on Active Components Doubtful

While the amount of industry chatter about silicon photonics rose substantially in 2014, partially because of certain market research firms looking to sell more reports, the technological hurdles, especially with insertion loss, make extensive use of active, combined components, such as for modulators and photodetectors, unlikely in the foreseeable future. Although there have definitely been…

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The Guts of the CFP2

For the next generation of 100G coherent line interface form factor CFP2, will it be a split implementation — analog CFP2 and separate digital DSP ASIC for the card? Can both parts be integrated into the single package? As far as we know, it will be split. While today, there is one 100G on a…

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25G Laser Shortage

We have been told that there is going to be a worldwide shortage of 25G lasers in the coming two years, supposedly due to not enough capacity having been planned by the industry as a whole.  We hadn’t heard anything like this before.  Do you guys know if this is true, and if so, why…

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Big Need for MPLS-TP?

At the service providers across the globe, the most widespread and native selection is MPLS and not MPLS-TP. The former has broader acceptance, superior interoperability, and operational intimacy for the engineering folks. In Asia, particularly China, MPLS-TP has taken off in a big way. While some industry observers view that part of the world as…

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