Cisco: Buyer of Potential Finisar-JDSU Combo?

If Finisar purchases JDSU’s CCOP division, would a systems integrator be interested in buying the combination? Unquestionably, there have been rumors in the past that Cisco Systems would buy Finisar, which with CCOP, would make Cisco’s previous component acquisitions pale in comparison in terms of cornering the market. Moreover, the full system supplier has been…

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Finisar Buyout of JDSU’s CCOP Inevitable?

Simply by a process of elimination, it is difficult to foresee any other player besides Finisar being interested in purchasing JDSU’s planned spinoff of its optical components portfolio, Communications and Commercial Optical Products (CCOP). Such a deal would provide Finisar with further diversification in the telecommunications transport space as well as potentially in new business…

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Data Centers Moving to “Sweat” Shops

What is really happening in the greening of the data center? We are not seeing orders of magnitude reduction of power consumption. We are not seeing the use of cleaner power plants. Evidently, engineers and other individuals working at Data Centers (DCs) will be increasingly making wardrobe changes from light jackets and slacks to shorts and…

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New M&A Types of Players In Optics

In recent weeks, there has been a flurry of acquisition activity with three optical component companies being purchased by non-traditional kinds of acquirers, particularly players in the short distance, communications market including data centers. These buyers, such as Huber+Suhner and its takeover of Cube Optics, are definitely concerned about an adequate supply of componentry being…

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AT&T’s Neutrality Reply a Red Herring

While on the surface, it is commendable that a large player such as AT&T is taking on the US government on net neutrality, its response is totally self-serving. The carrier knows that it will make relatively little money in providing fiber to residential customers. Plus, the biggest cause of network congestion does not come from…

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Telecom Analytics With Bad Data?

On the landline side, the incumbent service providers have been notoriously lousy at record keeping. There are still in place very antiquated inventory systems along with a high level of ignorance about whether a large number of circuits are either working or connected in networks. At least with wireless technology, it has been around for…

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