Silicon Photonics’ Shift: Still Cost/Loss Issues

The lead article in the September 1969 issue of the Bell System Technical Journal was written by Stewart E. Miller, entitled “Integrated Optics: An Introduction,” which framed “a proposal for a miniature laser beam circuitry” along with the promise of “economy should ultimately result.” Close to a half of a century later, even with a…

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Google’s Fiber: Laugh All the Way to Bank

The contest by Alphabet’s Google itself among the cities in 2010 was a brilliant stroke of genius in that it cost the company practically nothing, but it led to municipalities (munis) starting to contemplate building their own networks, which would potentially provoke established service providers to respond with their own enhanced broadband offerings. To the…

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Verizon Comes to Senses With XO Fiber

Late in 2015, Verizon was apparently considering a terribly reckless action involving ridding itself of its invaluable enterprise properties. The purchase of XO’s assets definitely indicates a reversal in this line of thinking. Nevertheless, the industry discussion of this acquisition, which Verizon bought at a very attractive price, has not concentrated enough on the blatantly…

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SDN Crack-Up?

About a half of a decade after the announcement of the establishment of the Open Networking Foundation, a recent survey of over 3,000 customers internationally by F5 Networks, indicated that just 3 percent of respondents are utilizing SDNs (Software Defined Networks) in production now, while almost 40% have no intentions whatsoever to go ahead with…

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Calix’s CEO Still at Top of His Game

Over the last 15 years or so, a lot of great executive talent has left the telecom/datacom optical space either because they made a killing during the bubble, it became time for them to retire, or perhaps they had the good sense to get out of an industry in which it can be extremely difficult…

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Ciena’s New Obsession with Vertical Integration

Ciena’s purchase of several assets from TeraXion represents the first time that the system player has acquired just components as opposed to full systems from an outside vendor, symbolizing an evolving shift in philosophy over the last several years away from less of a reliance on merchant componentry suppliers to more internal development and construction….

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