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Finisar: De Facto Owner of VCSEL Space?

Given that we have learned that Avago Technologies intends to keep only the VCSEL chip fab (in March, we were the first news source to report that the supplier was selling such bare die to other module vendors) in its deal with Foxconn Interconnect Technology, our contention is that there is a good chance that…

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Avago Optical Assets Sold, Pointed Out by FoxConn PR

A recent press release written in Chinese apparently demonstrates that Hon Hai Precision Industry’s Foxconn Interconnect Technology has purchased some of Avago Technologies’ optical product lines. Our current understanding is that Foxconn will take over Avago’s module business fully, such as for QSFP transceivers, which has lower margins because of a high level of market…

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Another Savior of Data Center MM Fiber?

In addition to the development of longer-distance and higher-speed VCSELs, there is a possibility that in the long term, polymer waveguide material embedded in electronics could also help to extend the life of multimode fiber in data centers. Yet right now, the technology appears to be reminiscent of the use of silicon photonics with active…

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