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Lumentum and Oclaro: Back to the Future

Followers of our blog on LinkedIn, which received several updates each of the five days at OFC 2017, were able to read the rather profound comment by the Chief Commercial Officer of Oclaro at the “Fireside Chat” of the OIDA Executive Forum Program concerning the importance of sticking “to internal competence, such as it is…

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Lumentum: Be Careful What You Wish For

Who could blame Lumentum Holdings for finding it desirable to move upstream in offering something close to full optical systems in order to generate higher margins? In some respects, the time to do so is somewhat optimal given the ex-JDSU’s historic position, particularly on the telecom side of the house. However, the level of competition…

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Reactions to Ciena Based on Elusive Credibility Factor?

A recent blog article on Light Reading gets into whether the initial backlash on the Street against Ciena was justified based on the past quarterly results as well as on the projected performance of the vendor. In our opinion, and as we have discussed in the past, despite rather exemplary leadership on the technology portion…

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Finisar Should Play Hardball, Then Exit

Finisar’s current business model based on the all-encompassing optical components approach in the datacom/telecom market with a large amount of vertical integration from chips to subsystems, along with designing every conceivable flavor demanded by the space of a particular data rate, has become unsustainable. It is bad enough in a relatively slow growing business, particularly…

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