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Optical Line Interoperability Illusion

Although Microsoft and others have been discussing the notion of an Open Line System (OLS) to provide standardization with long-haul and metro equipment, there is little precedent for such grand notions ever coming close to being real with any technologies in the past. Naturally, large service providers are always inclined to ask for everything under…

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Avago’s Spinoff of Optics in Short Term?

While for now, Avago Technologies will be preoccupied with the immense and time-consuming effort of its integration process with Broadcom, not too long afterwards, it would not be surprising if there would be a spin-off that would include a large number of the combined company’s optical networking assets. The progressive shift from a technology-focused firm…

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Avago/Emulex/Broadcom: Storage Target; Impact on Finisar

With the acquisitions of Emulex and Broadcom, Avago Technologies is clearly shifting more of its focus from the less appealing optical components space to the very attractive storage business. Not only does the market size of the latter substantially dwarf that of the former, the storage companies went from way too many players in the…

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Another Savior of Data Center MM Fiber?

In addition to the development of longer-distance and higher-speed VCSELs, there is a possibility that in the long term, polymer waveguide material embedded in electronics could also help to extend the life of multimode fiber in data centers. Yet right now, the technology appears to be reminiscent of the use of silicon photonics with active…

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