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100G Will Remain Dominant for Decades

The understatement of the first half century involving optics may have come from a Ciena executive at the Deutsche Bank Technology Conference in September 2016: “[W]e think 100-gigabit is probably going to be the currency for some time still. That is a lot of capacity. I think we all get desensitized to it because everybody…

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Major Pitfall in Financing Technology

When venture capitalists, angel investors, and other types of financiers are approached for funding they need to be aware that many corporate managers and engineers (not necessarily with intention) have a tendency to confuse the following three terms, which have definite demarcation lines: 1) technical exploration, 2) technology development, and 3) product development. The levels…

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Finisar Execs Should Get Out Now

While the CEO of Finisar has been associated with the company for over 25 years, the average time that the rest of the executive management team has been in the optical components space is around 18 years. Undoubtedly, they have to understand how terribly unique their situation has become after years of mounting obstacles that…

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Xtera’s New CFO May be Its Only Hope

Joe Chinnici was unceremoniously let go by Ciena, as the ex-Nortel executives at the company evidently advocated replacing him. In complying to the Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, there were initial glitches in those new rules, and deals were being held up – he apparently became a scapegoat. Along with the CTO, he was an important check against…

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Coriant Not Culturally a High-End Leader

Although there is a lot of significance in certain quarters being attached to AT&T’s trial of Coriant’s 400G system (as we recently pointed out on our daily updates page), the engineers formerly with Tellabs and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), which make up the heart of the private equity-financed vendor, do not seem to have a…

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Coriant: Market Perils on Investment in Distressed Assets

There can be a fundamental problem when private equity firms buy up companies in a depressed condition in that the overwhelming desire to sell off those assets at the most favorable valuations can be in conflict with the best interests of the market, especially when the overall space is not that healthy. In the case…

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