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Inphi/ClariPhy: Solider Acquisition Aspirant

fibeReality believes that the factor that makes Inphi the most attractive as a buyout candidate is its recent purchase of ClariPhy Communications. With PAM4 technology yet to be sold in any kind of volume by any vendor, Inphi can potentially provide the necessary engineering and financial resources to fully develop a high-end coherent DSP to…

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Inphi a Threat to InnoLight or Kaiam?

Once again, we have a natural affinity for the proposition of taking advantage of electronics, such as higher order modulation, to better enable optics by squeezing more data onto a single wavelength. However, by the time, Inphi is ready to ramp up production fully on its four-level pulse amplitude modulation devices, both InnoLight Technology and…

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400GbE Spectacular Fantasy

At least in fantasy football, the actions are based on activities that genuinely exist in the present world. At a time when the telecom/datacom optical market is arguably as bad as ever, it is unseemly for a relatively large amount of capital to be spent on engineers traipsing around the globe developing standards based on…

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Optical PAM-4 Restricted to 500 Meters?

Our company is always inclined to look towards historical precedent for guidance, and electronics have continually been leveraged throughout the years to bail out optics, such as with its imperfections including nonlinearities, as well as with its cost in enabling greater simplification. So, our initial response would be to look in favor towards a solution…

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