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Metro 100G “Heresy”

In a 2015 post discussing an OFC presentation of a well-known engineer in the business, titled “ROADMs Instead of Metro 100G Systems?”, the response from a technologist was, “Very interesting view, some may cry heresy.” fibeReality has been consistently rather bearish on public network deployment of metro 100G gear, including an earlier article: “Absurdity of…

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Google Hoisted by Its Own Petard

As Alphabet’s Google delights in the decision by the three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia upholding the FCC’s ridiculous net neutrality rules involving the Title II reclassification, the search provider’s attorneys should take a close look at the potential long-term ramifications. In particular, the holding shockingly places no…

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Optical Line Interoperability Illusion

Although Microsoft and others have been discussing the notion of an Open Line System (OLS) to provide standardization with long-haul and metro equipment, there is little precedent for such grand notions ever coming close to being real with any technologies in the past. Naturally, large service providers are always inclined to ask for everything under…

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Verizon/AOL: Bypassing Title II with New Internal Infrastructure?

“The FCC’s chairman “said that he doesn’t see a role for the FCC in reviewing Verizon’s…recent proposed acquisition of AOL….’ I don’t think AOL has any [FCC-issued] licenses, so it would not trigger anything in that regard…,’” according to Telecommunications Reports. We at fibeReality believe that the fundamental unfairness of an Internet service provider being…

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Monetizing Older Networks: An Overreach?

Although one of the most thought-provoking panels at OFC 2015 will be on the monetization of optical networks, which will include seasoned experts who are vigorously involved in building new revenue models, it is not easy to imagine the kind of cultural metamorphosis that would be required for incumbent service providers to change their long-standing,…

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