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Will Cisco Systems Rule DCI Market?

When Cisco Systems recently published the specifications of its Network Convergence System 1002 (NCS 1002), it theoretically could be called a Data Center Interconnection (DCI) “killer,” but only for a few of the high-end content service providers, which are heavily involved with 100G. Yet shortly afterwards, Coriant announced its Groove G30 platform, which it also…

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Avago Optical Assets Sold, Pointed Out by FoxConn PR

A recent press release written in Chinese apparently demonstrates that Hon Hai Precision Industry’s Foxconn Interconnect Technology has purchased some of Avago Technologies’ optical product lines. Our current understanding is that Foxconn will take over Avago’s module business fully, such as for QSFP transceivers, which has lower margins because of a high level of market…

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Mellanox’s Messaging Resonance Not Key to Success

Mellanox Technologies is a typical Israeli-based firm in the datacom/telecom space in that it excels at technology development, but not necessarily from a marketing/sales perspective. While the vendor has expanded internationally and has its second headquarters in the US (including several of the top CXOs), which is potentially helpful to corporate communications, it appears that…

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Optical PAM-4 Restricted to 500 Meters?

Our company is always inclined to look towards historical precedent for guidance, and electronics have continually been leveraged throughout the years to bail out optics, such as with its imperfections including nonlinearities, as well as with its cost in enabling greater simplification. So, our initial response would be to look in favor towards a solution…

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Integrated Photonics Clash

Please join us for our panel at OFC 2015 for a change of pace with fewer slides and with a focus on a lively discussion (and lots of audience participation), which will genuinely face the challenges involved in achieving the goal of increased photonic integration. One of the biggest areas of contention between the speakers…

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Bullish on 850nm VCSELs; Avago Selling VCSEL Components

As we will demonstrate on an OFC 2015 panel, the data center VCSEL market will remain healthy for an extremely long time, especially in terms of steady revenues. The most shocking change is based on recent evidence that Avago Technologies is selling VCSEL components, possibly including as far down the food chain as bare die,…

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