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If Verizon Has Vague Rationale, Think FCC

For Verizon, there has been the matter of a tremendous buildout of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) infrastructure in the past, which was clearly cost prohibitive, or more recently, supposedly picking up this activity with solutions that do not make sense technically. There have also been the head-scratchers on the purchases of both AOL and Yahoo, the former…

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Calix’s CEO Still at Top of His Game

Over the last 15 years or so, a lot of great executive talent has left the telecom/datacom optical space either because they made a killing during the bubble, it became time for them to retire, or perhaps they had the good sense to get out of an industry in which it can be extremely difficult…

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Verizon/AOL: Bypassing Title II with New Internal Infrastructure?

“The FCC’s chairman “said that he doesn’t see a role for the FCC in reviewing Verizon’s…recent proposed acquisition of AOL….’ I don’t think AOL has any [FCC-issued] licenses, so it would not trigger anything in that regard…,’” according to Telecommunications Reports. We at fibeReality believe that the fundamental unfairness of an Internet service provider being…

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