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Acacia Will Likely Push 400G DSP

The message that the Street may be going way overboard with Acacia Communications’ valuation, let alone its new secondary offering, may be beginning to resonate. For example, one can read, “Acacia: A Company That Will Need To Be Resistant To The Ire Of Investors.” Yet, the money to be made by at least certain institutional…

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Would Anyone Want to Buy Level 3?

Given the wealth of connections and contacts of a large corporation in the telecommunications industry, such as at Level 3 Communications, it is always extraordinary that the valuation of a firm increases with speculation that the company is considering a buyout of itself. It would be more logical that it should decrease because a better…

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Microsoft’s Enduring Google Envy

Quite a few articles have been written over time about the jealousy suffered by Microsoft over Alphabet’s Google, but they have not really addressed that the same dynamic exists in the optics realm. One cannot help but discern the palpable pain caused by the dominant search engine provider to the software giant in having a…

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Nokia/AlcaLu Optical: Mixed Bag at Best

While an alternate universe continues to exist regarding discussion over radical changes and transformations occurring in the datacom/telecom realm, the number of genuinely major new fiber optic projects in 2016, may easily be few and far between across the globe. Nonetheless, Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent is evidently a major beneficiary of an especially aggressive large Data Center Interconnect…

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Infinera’s PIC Challenge

Although Infinera has always touted its unique Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology as a major differentiator in the optical systems market, any advantages to this approach in the past have perhaps been totally countered by its limitations. Even today, the vendor’s ties to PICs are leading to constraints in the Data Center Interconnect (DCI) space…

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