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Google Hates Building All Networks

According to our Clash of Metro 100G Optical Vendors with Shifting Network Paradigm report: “As…the case with several of the…big Web 2.0 data center operators, they were forced to operate their own networks….It is simply not in the core competency range for Google to run a network…. A large service provider, such as Verizon, simply…

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Double Standard When It Comes to Verizon

Although during its existence as a corporation, Verizon has made its share of mistakes, there are often contrasting principles at work with some members of the press and certain industry analysts when it comes to the firm, especially in relation to AT&T. While the latter is looked upon more favorably nowadays, its strategy has been…

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If Verizon Has Vague Rationale, Think FCC

For Verizon, there has been the matter of a tremendous buildout of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) infrastructure in the past, which was clearly cost prohibitive, or more recently, supposedly picking up this activity with solutions that do not make sense technically. There have also been the head-scratchers on the purchases of both AOL and Yahoo, the former…

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Google Fiber Fizzles as Predicted

In March, we posted an article called “Google’s Fiber: Laugh All the Way to Bank,” in which we stated: “While [Alphabet’s] Google has made a certain amount of investment in the deployment of fiber just to keep up the pretense, as we wrote in late 2014, its vested interest is in encouraging broadband build-outs by…

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Would Anyone Want to Buy Level 3?

Given the wealth of connections and contacts of a large corporation in the telecommunications industry, such as at Level 3 Communications, it is always extraordinary that the valuation of a firm increases with speculation that the company is considering a buyout of itself. It would be more logical that it should decrease because a better…

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AIM Photonics Will Miss Target (Part II) — Limited Job Creation

As we continue our critical look on the prospects of AIM Photonics, we will maintain our focus on the hurdles faced by this new organization. Secondly, fibeReality will get into greater detail on what is sometimes falsely cited as an example of a successful Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the chip space, Sematech, as well as…

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