5078-FR-Store-Product Graphic-Report sept16

Fierce Competition

Battling solutions....

Acacias Valuation

Acacia’s Valuation: The Street’s Cruel Joke

Institutional investors' mini-bubble....

Junipers Aurrion

Juniper’s Aurrion Buyout: Tech Nightmare?

Complex set of moving parts....


Infinera’s Lumentum Band-Aid

Desperate need for open line system....

google Fiber

Google Fiber Fizzles as Predicted

Defies credulity that firm was unaware of hurdles....


Let Huawei and ZTE in US Optical Market

Help to keep incumbent vendors more honest....


Would Anyone Want to Buy Level 3?

Hurdles with debt and high valuation....


New Optical Ecosystem at Jabil

Trend of contract manufacturers gaining ownership of technology....


Bastardization of “All-IP” by Orange?

Discussion of technology in a marketing context....

Ciena as Chameleon_Penchant for turning to new schemes

Ciena as Chameleon

Penchant for turning to new schemes....

EU Split Could Help Optical Space

EU Split Could Help Optical Space

Need 2nd step of abandoning statism within borders....


Brexit: Political Upside Imperative

Beneficial effects of decentralization....

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